About Folgefonni Breførarlag

We provide glacier guiding at the Folgefonna glacier, the third largest glacier in Norway. Additional activities are kayaking, skiing, snow shoeing, climbing and bicycling. Our main office is Juklafjord situated in Jondal, but we arrange tours all over the Folgefonna peninsula. Company was established in 1994 and have been growing based on giving our customers a unique nature experience on a sustainable way. Knowledge and respect for nature is a corner stone in all our operations, and safety has always-number 1. Priority.

Our customers are single tourists, tour operators, school classes, universities, TV/film/location companies, scouts groups, company sports and so on. We have both daily trips possible to book online, and we tailor made trips. Our blue ice hikes in Juklavass Glacier, and ski trips along Folgefonna have we been running since 1994, the guiding across the glacier Sundal-Odda since 2001. All years since 1994 the company has offered tours for tourists and incentives market, and tours with levels from easy hiking to challenging ice climbing.

We have over 25 glacier guides working during a season, all of them well educated and dedicated to Folgefonna. As a company we are member and certificated through an organization called Norwegian Mountain sport forum (www.fjellsportforum.no), all guides are also educated through this system. Check film about the A Glacier guides life!

About Folgefonna Glacier

Folgefonna is a collective term for three plateau glaciers in the Hardanger region of Hordaland county, Norway. They are located on the Folgefonna peninsula in the municipalities of Odda, Jondal, Kvinnherad, and Etne. The three glaciers are:
Nordre (northern) Folgefonna, with an area of 26 square kilometres (10 sq mi)
Midtre (central) Folgefonna, with an area of 11 square kilometres (4.2 sq mi)
Søndre (southern) Folgefonna, with an area of 167 square kilometres (64 sq mi), making it the third largest glacier in the mainland of Norway.

In total, Folgefonna covers about 207 km2 (80 sq mi) (measured in 2006). On 14 May 2005, Folgefonna National Park was established, protecting the glaciers and the surrounding areas.

The glacier is home to a summer skiing resort, located on its northern region. The largest outflow glaciers from Folgefonna are Blomstølskardbreen, Bondhusbreen, and Buarbreen. Since around 1960, Blomstølskardbreen on the southern end of Folgefonna has changed very little. Bondhusbreen and Buerbreen further north were growing in the 1990s, but have been retreating since the year 2000.