Glacier Crossing, 1 day

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Glacier crossing of Folgefonna from fjord to fjord has amused tourists for hundreds of years. From the summit of the glacier you can see the Hardangervidda plateau in the east, the North Sea in the west and if you look south you can see the rugged mountains of the astonishing Rosendal Alps. During the entire 18th century and until the beginning of the First World War, people from all over Europe were transported by horseback to the edge of the glacier whereas the transport across the glacier was done on sledges. In the mean time their luxury Yachts sailed around the Peninsula to welcome them at the opposite side of the glacier. Today there is a road tunnel beneath the glacier which makes the return much easier either by bus or by taxi (20 min). In the 18th centery they offered diffrent routes over the glacier, so do we! We have one day tour (described here) and one 2-day tour, check here. For online booking you need to be five persons (or pay for five), if you are a less than five people please send us an inquire booking.

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Crossing Folgefonna, 1 day

This tour is about 20 km in length, 800 meters to climb, and 1600 meters decending. It's a 12 hours hike and good weather is needed to arrange it. Crossing the glacier demands experience and glacier equipment. Roped together, with the glacier guide in front; the trip across the glacier takes approximately 2 hours and will be on snow and/or blue ice, depending on snow conditions. The glacier crossing is not difficult, and is the easiest part of the hike.

At the west side of glacier we follow an old path used for tourist trafic and trading  At the east side of the glacier, from Holmaskjer, the ancient tourist track is restored with several resting cabins along its path. The path is steep down the green valley side to the South fjord by Tokheim (near Odda), and the trip takes from four to five hours. 

All necessary glacier equipment are included in price. You need to bring warm, wind-and waterproof clothing (weather dependent), gloves, mountain boots, food and something to drink. Sunglasses and sun lotion is recommended. 

We prefer online booking, but also possible by phone (47 95117792), e-mail or at our booking center in Juklafjord (Jondal).  For online booking you need to be five persons or more in the group, if you are a less than five persons please send us an inquire booking.


  • This is a demanding 1-day hike, 12 hours
  • Meeting point for tour is normally Austrepollen, Mauranger, but this has to be agreed when booking
  • Drive car/bus to 800 masl, then hiking up to 1565 masl (Holmaskjer), then decending to 0 masl (Odda). In totalt 17 km in length
  • Season from 10.6 to mid September 
  • Minimum 5 persons needed to arrange tour. This means we need to confirm your booking manually if you are less than 5 person
  • Highly recommends accomondation at "Hotel Sundal" (Hardanger fjord lodge) before or after the tour


  1. Hiking start
  2. Holmaskjer (Cabin)
  3. Odda